Thursday, August 8, 2013


Hi All:  There was a fantastic response to the first post here! Thank you for the vote of confidence! But so far nobody has left a comment on what advice they might like me to give. Like I said last time " It is extremely difficult for ME to condense 40 plus years of experience down into a few paragraphs with NO CLUE AS TO WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW FROM ME! So please leave your comments for this blog, okay? Thanks !" That having been said, here's the advice for this time:

 I was at a workshop on success training and somebody mentioned having a goal of being free and I said I hate that word and its true!  I never got the chance to explain why so this will be my subject here this time. Once in a while you get lucky huh?

To being with, the word Free started as  a  shorten form of the word Freedom as in " Home of the Free and Land of the Brave."  I've never liked the concept! To become Free you must first have become imprisoned or enslaved in some way.  To become Free, action must be taken on the part of the individual!  To become free,. they must break their imprisonment in some way. This requires a great deal of effort and very often a high price. Yet in 2013 getting something free means receiving it without any cost involved at all doesn't it?  Don't believe the hype! Anything with having is worth the effort and energy it cost!  To become " The Land of the Free"  the colonist had to fight a revolution against the English Monarchy. People forget it took a LOT of blood shed  and a three year war! Not to mention the help of countries like France and Spain who could help the colonists deal with the ships that brought the huge numbers of  British Soldiers that were coming over from the mother country. People forget that the colonists were British  themselves right up till July 4th 1776   and that the leaders of what had become known as the Continental Congress spent 3 years fighting battles getting the colonies to fight together before the war actually started in 1773 .  And that the revolutionary war was  hard fought for 3 YEARS before the Declaration of Independence was written!   In 2013,  the bill is still being paid by active duty military, veterans and those who have died in all the wars over the last 220+ years since.

 Boy, talk about running up a debt !  I'll stop here for now  but unless you leave comments asking me to go in another Direction, I'll have a Part 2 on this at least next time !  Remember to check out my other blog too. Click here to go right to it. Feel free to check out my web site  as well. Click here for that one.  Last comment from me for this time. Again,   DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! FREE DOES NOT MEAN WITHOUT VALUE OR COST AND NEVER HAS!  See you soon!  

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