Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Epiphany!

Hi everybody.   Thanks to those of you who attended My Birthday Bash this past weekend.  For those of you who didn't you really missed something! My poetic Brother Demetrious Foradas came in from Ohio for the event. I have not seen him since before his kids were born and he brought them to meet me.We all had a great time and knowing that D is a top level poet and his ex-wife is a highly trained professional dancer and their kids are over 10 years old. With that much training from their parents I figured "HOW COULD THE KIDS NOT BE TOP QUALITY PROFESSIONAL LEVEL ARTISTS THEMSELVES?" so I put them into the show too. D's son George actually did a great job at his first time on the mic.  His daughter Vivian got stage fright and didn't perform in the showcase but she DID do a dance routine at the Gallery One Fine Arts Venue which has a bi monthly series that I consider my "home base " here in Rochester, NY.  I was hoping to introduce them to the gallery owner while they were in town. While D talked with the gallery owner Vivian did a little Tap Dancing routine on the vacant stage as we waited. She was REALY  good! So I made a decision and closed the show with a dance routine hoping that since she was a dancer she might overcome her stage fright and join me in the dance. It never happened but her brother did join me.

As we closed up D. came over and said " Larry, I've been trying to get George to jump on stage like that  for over 6 years now! You did it in 5 minutes: that's incredible! I've got video of the dance and I'll put it on your computer as soon as we get home!"  Well, we fell asleep but D, George and Vivian and I  did get up at 3:00 a. m. on Sunday to put the Video on my computer . For some reason the video didn't transfer to the computer ,  but he WAS able to upload all the photographs he took for the event and promised to send me an e-mail with the video as soon as he got back from Canada which was there next destination on this trip.  We went back to bed and work up again at 8:00 A.M.
 ate blueberry pie for breakfast and took a "family photo" Including the three of them and my parents and myself. D. promised to send a copy of that too. It was the most incredible  experience of 

Thanks for the Birthday Present D, Gorge and Vivian! See you all soon!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hi again!

Great news! I 've been invited to serve on a committee to lay the groundwork for the selection of a poet Laureate for my city.  Out of all the poets in the area they could have chosen, they picked ME and that leads me to this weeks post:
 No one will every ask more of you than you are capable of convincing them you can handle. This is not always positive. After sayings like these that exist:" No good deed ever goes unpunished. " " Careful what you wish for because you just might get it."     Les Brown teaches that the most valuable buried treasure is in a graveyard because so many die with their potential untapped.  To quote Les" YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF LIFE ALIVE! "  So why not see what you CAN BECOME  capable of while you on TOP of the ground? see you next time.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thanks for the Support!

Hi again: It's that time once more. I'd like to thank folks who have enjoyed these posts so far and keep coming back!  This time I have bad news,  one of the comments on last weeks post has me thinking and I just might get a little poetic on you this time. Sorry about that!  Ready? Okay, here we go:

I've had life long issues with grammar and spelling. This comes from that fact that in the 8th grade my teachers actually switched me from English and had me follow a more vocational track to finish high school. Now it's just more economical to hire an editor than sit in a class room.  I am proud to say I'm picking up things from these blog posts. I have a potential client who has actually told me the ONLY reason they have not hired me is the spelling and grammar issue and I could have easily made both of us millionaires by now if we worked together.  Clearly this helped me "Get on the stick" and start working on the grammar issues. I have 3 new clients because of it too. So here's this weeks advice: IF YOU HAVE HOLES IN YOUR EDUCATION GET THEM PLUGGED AS SOON AS YOU CAN!  IT WILL TRIPLE YOUR INCOME AT THE VERY LEAST! See you next time.

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