Friday, September 27, 2013

Well, What Do You Think So Far?

Hi: I've been getting some good feedback on the advice in  this Blog. I'm very flattered that you seem to be enjoying it so much!  If you'd like to get a one on one consultation or pick up any of the books I have on the market ( I'll bet a lot of you didn't even know I've written 7 books  and had them available for purchase, did you?)  You can learn how to make these things happen at   Now on to this post::

I've told you the "Mule" Story and the " Subtract the pants. "  Story ( scroll through the previous posts on this blog if you have not read them yet.)  So I guess its time to reveal a secret. There  at two basic types of Sales  People:. those that want to help you get what you need and those that want to earn a commission.. This does not mean that those wanting to help are not in it for the money or those in it for the money don't want to help but Its just a matter of which orientation they have been trained to follow. There ARE A LOT OF SALES PEOPLE IN IT JUST FOR THE MONEY BUT MOST REALLY DO WANT TO HELP THE PEOPLE THEY SERVE BY SELLING.   The business does not survive if no one sells its products or services yet I hear a lot of business owners saying they don't want to come off "sounding like a salesperson"  and yet wonder why they are not making the revenue they feel they should be fror their business.   It  makes me wonder how many actual sales people they know. As for myself, I'm VERY  proud of the fact that I have been a Sales Professional for 41 years now, starting at the age of 6 when I helped my father with his direct marketing business ventures with companies like Amway , Shaklee and Herbalife .  I've worked with products an services ranging from Toner to Tooth Paste, Applesauce to Oil wells and  Power tools to Poetry.

It does not matter what you sell . The art of selling begins when you understand that what you're really doing is setting up a value exchange.  Usually the yardstick is the coin of the realm ( a burger at McDonald's  in exchange for $.99  a burger at Denny's  in exchange for $3.99 a new home in exchange for $150,000 and so on) but it never has to be monetary.  If you tell, you kids " do your home work and I'll make you your favorite breakfast" for example  what your offering is in fact a sales contract. You are exchanging the child's 'favorite breakfast for the act of putting in the effort on their school work. Like I said  it's not ALWAYS  about the money for the top Sales people. Sales is a learned Skill and can be taught relatively easily to those who want to learn. Once learned it can be applied to whatever industry you chose and most salespeople know this. If one situation doesn't work they can easily go  "down the street" to a competing firm and will most likely get a position or they can change industries.    One question before I go. after reading this post do you still think" Sounding Like a Salesman" should be seen in a negative light?  See you next post.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Wow! Okay here's another one!

I got some great feedback on the story last time and I'm extremely humbled that you enjoyed it so much. It's one of three stories I share with my clients

The " Mule" Story
Version by " Laughing" Larry Berger

A farmer goes into the tavern and gets drunk. When drunk, the farmers tongue likes to wag and he starts bragging about his smart and obedient mule. " He does everything I tell him to! He can count, he can read, he can dance, anything I tell him to."

So time passes and a well dressed young man comes up to the farmer . He says " I'm a banker by trade. I'll bet you $10,000 that you can't make your mule do a damned thing. You win, I'll cut you a check, I win your farm is mine what do you Say?" 

The Farmer Says" You're on!You got a car? Good, you drive! Anyone who wants to come as  a witness is welcome to follow us to the farm too. "  

A short while later the Farmer and the Banker and about half the taverns patrons and the tavern owner show up at the farm. The farmer leads everybody to the barn and opens the door  " There's  my mule . ain't he a beauty?"    Everyone comes in and looks at the Mule. the mule just stands there.

The farmer looks over in the corner, smiles. walks over and picks up a 2by4 and smashes it across the mules head so hard it breaks in half.  The mule shakes his head and looks the Farmer directly in the eyes. Then the farmer starts talking to the mule, he asks it to count, it does, he holds up a peace of paper with the words "walk in a circle"  on it. the mule looks at a minute then walks in a circle.  Thus proving the mule can read.  The farmer starts to whistle and the mule bucks and shakes his dead clearly dancing to the farmers music.   The tavern folk all applaud smiling. The farmer goes to the banker and says" Friend, I think I  just won our bet don't about you?  The banker takes out his check book and writes the check for $10,000. He hands it to the Farmer. The Farmer puts into his pocket and starts to walk away. The Banker stops him with a hand on his shoulder. the Banker says " Just tell me one thing, why did you hit the mule in the head with the 2by4?" 

The Farmer smiles " You know something, I've been pulling this on folks for 10 years now and your the first person who's ever asked why the 2by4.  Listen close now and if you comprehend what I tell you that $10,000 you lost in our bet will go down as your best investment ever. I've know for years now that my mule will do what ever tell him to BUT FIRST I HAVE TO GET HIS ATTENTION AND MAKE SURE HE'S LISTENING DON'T I?" 

And that's why I usually tell this story first. What do you think? I welcome your feedback. Don't forget to check out Guest Poet, Lynelle P. Posts on my other blog at and my own web site at: too okay? See you soon!