Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thanks for the Support!

Hi again: It's that time once more. I'd like to thank folks who have enjoyed these posts so far and keep coming back!  This time I have bad news,  one of the comments on last weeks post has me thinking and I just might get a little poetic on you this time. Sorry about that!  Ready? Okay, here we go:

I've had life long issues with grammar and spelling. This comes from that fact that in the 8th grade my teachers actually switched me from English and had me follow a more vocational track to finish high school. Now it's just more economical to hire an editor than sit in a class room.  I am proud to say I'm picking up things from these blog posts. I have a potential client who has actually told me the ONLY reason they have not hired me is the spelling and grammar issue and I could have easily made both of us millionaires by now if we worked together.  Clearly this helped me "Get on the stick" and start working on the grammar issues. I have 3 new clients because of it too. So here's this weeks advice: IF YOU HAVE HOLES IN YOUR EDUCATION GET THEM PLUGGED AS SOON AS YOU CAN!  IT WILL TRIPLE YOUR INCOME AT THE VERY LEAST! See you next time.

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