Thursday, August 15, 2013

As promised, here's more advice.

I'll start with a quote from one of my favorite TV shows when I was growing up:

" You got  big dreams? You want fame? Well fame costs ! And right here is  where you start  paying!  IN SWEAT!"

There is a lot of truth in that, huh?  Remember the saying is " Fame AND Fortune!"  not just Fame or Fortune alone! It takes both to be a success in  life . Here's another expression " Sales AND Marketing"  you'll notice Sales come first and the first one you have to sell is yourself. Lets define the two okay?

1 Sales: The exchange between buyer and seller that occurs when BOTH are satisfied they have  received the full value they asked for and are expecting . Its not always about the money, Particularly with me. Money is just the easiest "yardstick"  you can count with. You can also use the metric system, algebra, or a spread sheet program as long as  you receive the full value you were asking for  Was it "worth it" for both of you? This is the purpose of Sales. This is the Fortune part!

2. Marketing: Getting the world to know you, your products and/ or services exist. Including any and all methods for doing so. This is the Fame part! As you can see from the quote above "fame costs!"

I'm probably going to ticked off a lot of folks with this line  but  even Salvation from JESUS costs.  I've heard many Christians tell me Salvation is a free gift . Don't believe the hype ( I say that a lot in these blog posts, huh?  Should I change the  blog title? Let me know what you think. ) There is a line where Jesus asks his disciples " Why do you call me Lord and yet do not do what I say?" There is a sales contract to becoming a Christian. In exchange for following his concepts and teachings  he will offer you Salivation from your sins and life eternal in the glory of heaven. You "buy"into it, you  become "Saved"  and you are  expected to act accordingly in your daily affairs or the contract is void.

I know a number of Christians who share this belief and they will all tell you that meeting their contractual obligations giving them the right to call themselves Christians is by no means easy
but they do it every day. Or do they?

Think about all this till next time okay?  Lynelle Paulick will be posting her work on the Poetic Conversations blog as my first "Guest Poet" for 2013. She'll be posting for the next 8 weeks too. click here to check out her works

 SEE YOU Next time! 

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