Friday, August 23, 2013

Here's another littlle tidbit for you!

Hi folks: It's that time again! So here you go:

You'll hear a lot of folks saying " You need to think outside the box!" these days. Okay, quick show of hands here. Does anyone know what the box is?  Or what might be inside it? This gives me a bit of the "Hebe Gebe's" for the following reasons :

1. If you don't know what the box is, how can you possibly be expected to think outside of it?

2. You NEED  air , food , water and shelter. You might CHOSE to think out side the box or not.

3. If you are not fully aware of where it is not a conscious choice.

I have two stories on this that I'd like to share. One I call the " Ham story" the other I call the "River Dance" story.

The "Ham Story"  is first:

A young woman becomes a famous business person and does a talk show interview. One of the questions the interviewer asks her is " Okay,  have you ever cooked a ham? "  She answers "Yes, and I follow tradition and always cut the ends off."  The interviewer says "  Wait a minute , all through this interview you've stated you try to break traditions why do you keep this one?"  The woman says " Well, my mom did it that way all my life so I do it to please her. I'm not sure why she started  doing it."  The interviewer smiles and says " We've got some time left and I know your mom is here in the audience today after the commercials what say we bring her up and ask her?"The  woman says " "sure".   So after the commercial they bring up her mom and find out she was a successful business woman and a leader in the community too. The interviewer asks why she cut the ends off her ham too.  The mother says " Just like my daughter my mom always cut the ends off her ham and it became tradition.  All of a sudden an old woman in the audience starts hyperventilating and looks like she will pass out. The original woman being interviewed yells out " That's my Grandma!" Security comes over and gets her stabilized.  Then they bring her on the stage.  She says " I'm sorry  babies! I thought you knew, I've always cut the ends off the hams I've made because I have only one roasting pan in the house and if I don't cut the ends off the ham it won't fit! " 

Here's the "River Dance" version :

A Great Rabbi is on his last legs and he gathers his students for a final lesson. They are arranged from his top student to one who just barely "gets it".  The Rabbi nods his head and says  " Life is like a river." and falls asleep.  The last student says " I wonder what he meant by that?" The top  student replies " God in Hemel! He meant that life is like a river because it ebbs and flows and is ever changing."  The lowest student replys" I have zero interest in what that  Mamzer at the head of the line THINKS the Rabbi meant! I want to know what THE RABBI MEANT!"  So they gently wake the Great Rabbi. The top students Says " Great Rabbi. I'm sorry to disturb your rest but some of us are confused. What did you mean when you said " Life is like a river? "  The  Rabbi smiles and with a twinkle in his eye says " Okay, so maybe life is NOT like a river." and dies.

Please remember these stories for the next time you're asked to " Think outside the box."

Have a great day!  See you next time!

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