Friday, August 2, 2013

Well, I Did Itt! What Do You Think?

Hi: I've mentioned that It was suggested that I start an advice blog. I've asked for feedback and been encouraged to "Go for it!" and a lot of other positive comments so here's the new blog. Feed back is vital to me on this one because I can't advise folks to do things they are incapable of because it might be confusing.  I'll try and follow what most folks call the " KISS method here but unless you leave comments I won't know how good I'm doing at it,OKAY? Let's get started.:

Advice number one: The expression " Those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them!" is  a warning but not the one you might think!:

The operative point is learn the lessons  !  Schools used to offer simpler lessons for "slow" or "retarded"  kids. Many graduated highschool, started buisness and proved they learned thier leasons by hiring the "smart" kids  to be their lawyers,accountants and such.  Remember. Andrew Carnegie was one of the most successful business men in American history and Funded many universities but never got past 5th grade himself. Tomas Edision failed math 4 times but look what happened to him!  Half the class graduates at the "bottom" but 9 times out of 10 It's those bottom graduates that rule the world ! Just to drop a few more names you might have heard of:  Abraham Lincoln and Sam Walton were both" "self taught", Nelson Mandela and Adolph Hitler got their education IN PRISON YET BOTH BECAME WORLD LEADERS! Mahatma Gandhi never went to "school" a day in his life! and there are hundreds more for another time. 

I'm sorry if I through you there throwing Adolph Hitler and Nelson Mandala together but that just leads me to number two:

Advice number Two: Learn the Lessons but let history make the Judgments!

If you ever see me at a performance you might hear me talk about the" Domino's theory of poetry."  I'll go into it in this blog at some point but for now here's the important part " I never promise "good" poetry! All art is subject to personal tastes and as my chosen form of art my poetry is no different! You will either like it  or you won't it simply is what it is!"   Adolph Hitler took Germany from Banrupcy and Ruin to being the world's first major Europian superpower and was only defeted by two others ( Namely Russia, and The US )  joining forces and ending up dividing the globe between them after he was defeted.  Hitler may have had policies that folks don't like but he was ELECTED BY POPULAR VOTE AND WAS RELEASED FROM PRISION SOLEY BECAUSE OF HIS POLICAL IDEAS AND ABILITIES TO RALY FOLKS TO HIS CAUSE. HE NEARLY RULED THE PLANET JUST 5 YEARS LATER!  So was he "Good" or "Bad"?   History has made its judgmet. Please learn the lessons before you make yours okay?  Don't just "cut him off" because  you don't think his methods were "good" !

I think that enough for now. Like I mentioned in my responce to one of the comments to whether or not I should do this blog, it's hard to condence the lessons learned  during a 30 year sales career, 15 years as a self employed buisnes owner and 40+ years of life experience into a few paragraphs  to do these blog posts! I've hinted at some posible futuer topics but what do YOU  want to know from me?

for a little more on possible topics please visit my other blog at Poetic Conversations, or check out my web site or my Linked in profile.  Let me know where you want to go next. See you soon!

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