Friday, November 22, 2013

I Guess This is "Next Time" Huh?

Hi again:  I'm glad you liked my advice in the last post and I hope it struck a cord with you too.  There seems to be a lot of folks thinking that everything should be FREE!  There's another old saying I'm going to use here :  NOTHING WORTH HAVING WAS EVER THAT EASY TO GET!   Would you really want it to be?  An honest days work for an honest day pay and that's the way things ought to be, shouldn't it?  Will you help get us back there?  Just share this blog and maybe buy a few of my books to share with friends. Maybe  hire me to help set up your business, career etc.  No pressure,  but I do make a living giving advice. Visit my web site at

and check out my services. You'll find my rates fair and I don't promise what I can't deliver!   Like I said last time, its Fame AND  Fortune these blog posts are the Fame side, Paying clients are the fortune side and I need both! Don't you? See you next post.

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