Tuesday, December 31, 2013

HAPPY 2014

ENJOY THE NEW YEAR! They say that advice is the only commodity there is way to  much of. everybody has an opinion so what's one more?  The answer is found in taking the advice that's worth having. As in my last blog, I state that sales is a value exchange. You're taking the time to read this blog and in exchange I'm giving advice based on 41 years of experience in sales to make sure its valuable for you.

I'm not going to update it that often any more but I'll try to keep it at least quarterly. Let the advice sink in.  If you would have the truth about cars, go to the mechanic. If you want the truth about oil or gas, go to the engineer drilling the holes!  If you want the truth about the price hikes, go to your stations general manager and so on. Make sure the person on who's advice you are relying is competent to give the advice based on their experience. There is a story about a Veteran sports reporter with over 25 years covering basketball who was asked to write a book about it.  He got all excited and went through his journals and in a month had a fine novel length work. The editor sent it back saying it was full of factual errors. The journalist had it run against the top magazines in the industry and even the NBA . None of them could find a single fact wrong so the journalists demanded to know who had checked the book.  The editor proudly informed him it had been checked by the editors 15 year old son who had just made the varsity team. Lawsuits are still pending I'm told. 

Clearly there was a question here  as to who had the greater knowledge. Questioning is okay but get the answers from as proven a source as you can, okay?

 See you next time!

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